Key comments from business stakeholders I have worked with.


 “Nicola has the ability to grasp highly technical and complex concepts and distill them into something meaningful and actionable. She quickly understands who her key stakeholders are and builds strong relationships with them. She is not afraid to challenge, but does so in a very constructive and personable way. This means that Nicola drives projects even when the stakeholder requirements are extremely challenging, navigating through these challenges very professionally to balance differing opinions of deliverables and timelines. She brings a truly global and holistic mindset to the change she is delivering, understands and articulates what needs to happen and why, and executes impeccably. I would strongly recommend Nicola’s services.”

Claudio Boettcher, Global Head of Property and Business Interruption, Zurich Insurance


"I worked with Nicola for several years and can wholeheartedly recommend her to skilfully manage any change situation.   Nicola is a rare change specialist with broad skills.  Not only is she analytical, practical and an impressive planner but she is empathetic, with great inter-personal skills and really cares about engaging people positively through change.  Nicola is horribly bright (AKA highly intelligent), is a strong but fair negotiator and builds trust-based relationships with stakeholders at all levels.  And on top of all that, she is a lovely lady and an absolute pleasure to work with.  Your change situation will be in excellent hands."

Helen Baldwin, Head of Internal Communications, Virgin Media


"Nicola was a pleasure to work with through several strategic projects. I found her a confident communicator and facilitator - with a keen ability to grasp technical concepts, work around problems and credibly engage with senior executives." 
Dr Matthew Jones, Group Head of Catastrophe Management, Zurich Insurance


"I had the pleasure of working for Nicola whilst leading Process Analysis Capability into our Business Analyst role. Nicola has a vast knowledge of how business and IT change impacts on business functions and more importantly it's people. Nicola coached and more importantly mentored me through my own personal development and subsequent delivery of my project, she fast became a trusted adviser and enabled me to fully explore the potential benefits and impacts of the changes. Nicola is a professional and highly talented change expert her ability to conceptualize the challenges across all types of businesses and to any given business function is an extremely valuable asset. I am very happy to recommend her as a change and results focused expert."

Nick Westbrook, Group IT Lean Champion and Black Belt



"Nicola brings a very effective mix of pragmatism and optimism to her assignments. She has all the core skills and experience that you would expect from someone of her caliber, but she also understands the value of strong facilitation both in making change happen, and in making it sustainable. And the biggest compliments of all - she is easy to work with and she delivers what she says she will."   

Kat Carrick, Head of Global Underwriting Operations and Transformation, Zurich Insurance


“Nicola's skill set combines keen business acumen with project and change management, communications, human capital and business analytics. In addition her considerable experience in leadership roles and stakeholder management means she always delivers”

Susannah Mogg, European Head of Media and PR, Zurich Insurance


'Nicola worked with me to design and run an expenses workshop to identify deliverable expense savings.  Nicola designed and ran the workshop very professionally. She spent time challenging and understanding objectives to produce a definitive goal statement and workshop design which was both structured and flexible. She worked well to both help me select participants and to  facilitate the workshop with humour and business acumen, and ensured that everyone was able to input. The outcome of the workshop was that we were able to save £5m annually.  The saving initiatives were approved on site at the close of the workshop by members of the Executive team and subsequently  verified by our finance team’. 

Stewart Walton, Head of Operational Finance - Global Life in Europe, Zurich Insurance


"Nicola understands exactly how to pick up a project that's struggling to make progress and set it on course to deliver.
Her collaborative style combined with expertise, drive and passion ensures the sponsor, stakeholders and team know what to do, when to do it and why." 

Gill Summers, Global IT Portfolio Manager, Zurich Insurance